KANZLER. New collection Spring-Summer 2019

One day all of us become to be an adult. We fall in love, learn something new, set goals, make choices, and try ourselves in many roles. Then, we start to forget how it feels just to dream. But if is it possible to not to choose, to get everything at once? Everything you want. To remind yourself how it feels to dream about something as a child, so naively and desperately.

For the Spring-Summer 2019 collection, designers of the KANZLER brand chose Harrison Ford in the image of Indiana Jones as the source of inspiration. The image of a man, who follows his destiny and makes his choices with an open heart. Feel “your own”, go to the aim- what is that, if not a cure from age and melancholy?

Each episode of his adventures is an elegant detail of a complex personality. Laconic at every moment of his journey: in high society, university audiences, in caves and impenetrable jungles, the hero of Ford holds whip and feather in his hands. Well, Mr. Jones, are you ready for a new adventure?

For almost a quarter of a century, KANZLER creates stylish and flawless images for men for any life situation. Indiana Jones is the perfect embodiment of this mission.

What could we do to help a gentleman to confidently achieve his goals and at the same time to be himself? Take the best of sewing traditions, add world fashion trends, expand the model and size range... First things first…

Lines CEREMONY, BLACK LABEL and CONCEPT - a comfortable classic from KANZLER. It is a symbiosis of the taste of Henry Jones Sr. with his son's lifestyle in shades of blue: from bright Royal Blue to rich Eclipse, as well as a few shades of the stormy sky.

Designers’ find this summer- to perform fashion models in two versions of the cut: loose and fitted, for owners of different physiques. Shirts of the classical line, in addition to the traditional white and textured blue, are made in popular shades of pale cream Soybean and Sweet corn.

CEREMONY - traditional black tuxedos with matte or satin lapels, cummerbund, white and black shirts with plaits and special collars to fit a bow tie.

In addition, the brand continues to introduce innovative suits fabrics with improved characteristics, such as crease-resistant clothing for travel, as well as water-repellent fabrics and fabrics with aroma phobic properties.

The WEEKEND line is the epitome of Indiana Jones 'adventure ideas, the style and comfort of the late' 40s-early ' 50s: chino pants, textured cotton pants, turn-down short sleeve shirts, bomber jackets and biker jackets, an abundance of striped jersey and polo shirts in the nautical theme refer to the popular U.S. post-war Navy style, when emphasized masculinity was part of everyday style.

The already traditional line of CRUISE resort images consists of t-shirts with fancy designs, cotton shorts, linen suits and blazers, a wide range of swimming shorts, beach shoes and a stylish collection of sunglasses-everything you need for the "Last Crusade" in the Jordan desert.

The main novelty from KANZLER will be men's fragrances-BLACK LABEL and WEEKEND - by the name of the main lines of the collection. Fragrances will create a 5D-perception of the image, add another dimension to the men’s style, making the picture of the world volumetric, real, full of colors.

KANZLER. Your personal expert on style.