New Collection Spring-Summer 2017

KANZLER. New Collection Spring-Summer 2017

A man who can do everything

“ Snow is for who has cold in their heart. Flaming hearts live beside the sea.”

EM. Remark

Warm hearts, Daredevil, Rock'n roll- such men have millions of names and only one unchangeable meaning - the absence of internal frontiers.

Bold and arrogant, for them any time – is a time of opportunity, a snap is their unconditional trait.

Developing Spring-Summer 2017 collection KANZLER brand designers kept in mind this kind of man - a winner, able "to save the world" easily. A sort of hero from films and novels of the early 90's, reflecting a very special time. Time of daring victories, dashing opportunities and rebirth from the ashes. Such a character, whom you wanted to look like when you were young, who you imagined yourself to be in your dreams of adventures. Such a man that you can become.

KANZLER- is your personal expert of style