KANZLER. New collection Fall-Winter 2018/19

Extremis malis, extrema remedia (lat.)

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Where is the verge, after which we will tell "it is impossible", the verge, after which we will stop the search and stop all aspirations? Mind and society set boundaries, but man overcomes all the boundaries, breaks the rules for the creation of new ones. He is a chaos for the sake of a structure.

Developing the Autumn-Winter 2018/19 collection, designers of KANZLER were inspired by such kind of man, who is able to destroy for the sake of creation. Cool mind and a warm heart of the 21st century, high-tech equipment, great piloting skills in any transport, fluent foreign languages, an absolute body-control and grandmaster’s kind of logic, all of this is about the main character of the Mission: Impossible movie - Ethan Hunt, the character we fell in love with back in 1996. He became older, his cars -  more powerful, cliffs - more rapid, but he kept the ability to look perfect wearing a tuxedo at the Vienna Opera, to look impeccable riding a bike in dusty Morocco, wearing a stand-up collar bomber jacket and a dark gray denim, and to look absolutely gorgeous wearing a black t-shirt and turned-up chinos on a sheer cliff.

Together with the motives of the KANZLER Fall-Winter 2018/19 collection, the main character of the sixth part of the movie the “Mission: impossible-fallout” Ethan Hunt becomes more brave in choosing his own images: the gradient outfits in Quiet Gray and Martini Olive shades with  knitted accessories, stylish cashmere turtlenecks in famous Sargasso Sea shade matched by Navy Blue chinos.

All the images in the movie emphasize that style and comfort go side-by-side and it’s not without any reason, it’s because they were created by Jeffrey Kurland - the multiple winner of the best screen outfit awards.

As in the movies with Ethan Hunt, KANZLER follows the principle: high technologies are for the benefit of humanity, and we will not talk about fantastic sensors and microcomputers. KANZLER suits are made from S130 wool and do not absorb odors, at the same time they preserve air permeability and repel moisture through Nano-Tex coating. Such super-abilities are easy to use in everyday life.  Styles marked as TREVELLER will not change their shape even after the longest flight.

In terms of style, Limited Edition and Black Label collections are the everlasting classic with a modern vision from KANZLER designers. The new styles are created from a mélange texture fabric or  with contrasting check ornament, at the same time the composition of the fabrics and cutting technology are also preserved. Stylish and unusual accessories, garments with Alcantara, genuine leather, and the brand’s iconic lapel buttonhole badge. Let’s add ultra slim-fitted shirt in blue, almond, gray or uncompromising white shades and accessories that are 2-3 shades darker to the image  - and look,  the IMF classic Jim Phelps from the series of the 80s, enters into confrontation with the young Hunt.

Super agents have no equals in the ability to wear tuxedos. In the Autumn-Winter 18/19 collection, KANZLER has developed a small, but perfectly cut Ceremonial line, specifically to make you feel like a super agent during important moments of your life.

Autumn-Winter 18/19 collection’s Weekend line has been created to be maximum comfortable. Weekend line is ideal for saving the world, and at the same time it is perfect for a picnic with friends: knitted jackets, shirts with ornamental patterns and "washed out" jeans are made of high-quality natural fabrics with minimal care requirements.

Outerwear is a long-standing object of KANZLER designers' pride: this season light wind coats, cropped coats, pea coats, quilted bombers, down jackets, parkas and alaskas will be complemented by new styles of elongated down jackets with rabbit and fox fur, as well as warm classical coats with  mink collar. Models of the Autumn-Winter 2018/19 collection will definitely keep you warm anywhere in the world.

Well, it will be your most stylish mission, if you take it, of course.

KANZLER. Your personal expert on style.