KANZLER. New collection Fall-Winter 2017/18

Elegance is a feature that does not depend  neither on the wardrobe nor the wallet.

Carl Lagerfeld

The perfect men's style lies in simplicity.

Key elements of the male wardrobe have not changed for years. They are shirts, pants or jackets - for centuries only their form has changed, but not the essence. Fabric quality, the aptness of ornaments and textures and perfect fitting - only details are the measure of true elegance, but fashion is merely a social tinsel.

Thus, despite the pace of the modern world, the pressure of progress and all the tension, the hero of the KANZLER 2017/18  autumn-winter collection bears real male values ​​- honesty, reliability and strength. He is the one to conquer, rather than to get the available, he is honest with loved ones and  is uncompromising with enemies. He honors the experience of the past and accomplishes feats. He is a little bit of a Knight and a bit of a Barbarian, with 21st century amendments. His suit is his armor, and the stroke of an expensive pen is his weapon, sharper than the blade of a sword. Negotiations in the restaurant are not bad, but he still can get the skin of a bear and save the princess from the tower. The strength of spirit, easy adventurism and control over emotions are the key to his success.

For our hero the designers chose the colors of nature as a coloristic basis of the Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection: neutral gray, saturated anthracite, the color of the sky before a thunderstorm, warm beige and dark brown, the color of the ground after rain, navy peony, shaded spruce and marina, complex shades of blue-green. The bright grenadine is designed to diversify the restrained palette, as a tribute to the fading beauty of autumn nature.

A lot of attention is paid to interesting ornaments in the classic Limited Edition and Black Label lines. Big checks and fine geometric ornament will add gloss, but leather and alcantara trims will dilute the strict look. The designers of the brand offer styles which combine glossy and matte yarns in their pattern, which gives the product a truly fascinating look and makes it "alive", along with the 3D ornament technique traditional for KANZLER knitwear.

The Weekend line is traditionally presented in a freer style. Thus, floral and oriental paisley ornaments are widely used for knitwear and shirts. Turtle-necks and thick-knitted sweaters with Scandinavian   "Lopapeysa" ornament have become a permanent element of the brand’s autumn-winter collections.

The collection of the season is distinguished by a wide variety of outerwear: coats, raincoats, pea coats for autumn and padded jackets for early winter, made of polyester fabrics, of combined materials with knitted and leather elements, of fabrics in different textures. And specially for severe northern winters our brand designers created jackets with fur trims and insulated  lining.

The key mission of the KANZLER brand to make the life of its customers better - was fully achieved in the new Autumn-Winter season collection, because after all nothing so affects the quality of life as comfort.

KANZLER takes it over to give you comfort in creating an image for you.

KANZLER. Your personal expert on style.