KANZLER. New collection Spring-Summer 2018

This is a man’s world but it wouldn’t be nothing, Nothing without a woman or a girl.

James Brown, Man’s World, 1966

The world, as we know it today, was created by obsessed, persistent men, fanatically enthusiastic about their work. Neglecting rationality and instinct of self-preservation, they proved that the earth is round, and it spins. At first they invented wheel, then - the engine, and after that - the car and they can’t stop this far. And it's not about proving of one's own exceptionalism, it's just set in the male genetic code that the truth is more valuable than common sense. Men are heroes by nature.

He may not be cutting across London at night on his Aston Martin DBS, he may not dive into the lake on the Lotus Esprit, but he is always ready for a feat for the cause.

2018 Spring-Summer season collection is inspired by Bondiana in all liable manifestations due to coming up release of the 25th «007» movie.

The classical range of BLACK LABEL and LIMITED EDITION lines is modest and based on two suit colors of the season – «Seaside navy» and «Gray fog on the pier» combined with exclusive fabric patterns, it refers us to extravagant images of Bond-Moore in the 70's, the same way as the perfect fitting of three-piece suits, Peak Lapel and double vents refer us to the images of the flawless Connery.

The collection of one-colored shirts with high collar and wide cuffs for cufflinks is made in Brosnan style of the 90's, and the line of monochrome knitted garments is inspired by the Craig style in «Spectre» as soft textures, embossed 3D patterns, everything emphasizes the texture of the image.

Everyday WEEKEND collection with its variety of wind jackets, stylish knitted polos and mute colored cotton pants is ideal for going out in every corner of the world - from sunny Portugal to raw London. Chunky knit cardigans and soft scruffy jeans are comfortable to wear during the defense of the «Skyfall» ancestral estate.

CRUISE line for leisure refers to the very first part of the series – «Dr. No».

Knitted garments with contrast patterns, bright t-shirts with funky prints, mint colored cotton and linen jackets, and a range of cotton shorts set for quiet contemplative mood, and it seems as if Ursula Andress is just about to appear from the oceanic foam in her legendary bikini.

Beach collection is well worth to be emphasized: surfing swimming trunks with funky patterns, comfortable flip flops and soft colored short-sleeved linen shirts are the best choice for the perfect Cuban beach from «Die Another Day».

Particular attention should be given to shoes and accessories collection – classic, workability and performance, incredible details that will make every image perfect. Well, of course, Q didn’t work on them, but 007 would definitely be happy to get them. After all, the main thing in any image is to be «Shaken, not stirred»!

KANZLER. Your personal expert on style.